Insanity Day 35

Insanity Workout: Max Recovery

Yup!  I knew it!  Another pound lost which makes it 14 pounds total that I have lost since February 6th!  It’s awesome how I’m able to lose weight the natural way…with working out to Insanity for an hour a day at the most, by eating healthy, and drinking Shakeology.  The only type of supplements take each day are two Fish Oil caps and one Multi-Vitamin.  No weight loss pills and no dieting which is what I think is the right way.

It was a nice break from the normal Max workouts with Max Recovery.  Even though the workout is called recovery, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy.  It was still a pretty intense workout.  There were a lot of holds and upper body moves which were crazy.  I know those moves will help me become stronger and faster and I improve each time I do them.  Max Recovery was the last Insanity workout that I have not done.  With that, I have come to realize that these second Month workouts are  more mental than physical.  I just have to keep telling myself to keep on going and I can do it.  I have to remember why I’m doing this and that it will pay off in the end especially in the long run.

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