Insanity Day 34

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning

What a day!  I had a feeling that I had lost another pound late last night and I did when I weighed this morning!  That makes it 13 pounds total that I have lost since February 6th.  I know that I’ll be losing weight at a faster rate so I’m sure I lost another one today.  I’ll be weighing myself tomorrow.  I probably weigh a lot but to me, I get more motivated with results.

Well it was so beautiful outside today and I wish I can do my Insanity workouts outdoors especially on the beach.  I’ll have to buy myself a better laptop with a bigger screen and some good speakers.  I’ll make that happen this summer hehe.  The closest I can get to working out outside is by working out with the windows open in my room.  There was a nice breeze coming in, I even turned my fan all the way to the highest setting, and I was still dripping in sweat at the end of my workout.  Max Cardio Conditioning was similar to Pure Cardio on Month 1. It was similar in a way that you do each move for almost a minute.  There were some new moves and it was longer than Pure Cardio.  I would say Max Interval Plyo and Max Cardio Conditioning are about even in being the hardest workouts of the entire program.

After a workout, I feel so great and I feel as if I am able to accomplish more.  For the past couple of days, I did my workouts when the sun was still out.  I had an amazing night at work.  My energy was great and I think it helped me I break my own sales record while helping the team break the record as a whole.  On top of that, the Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat : )

I went to school to register and I decided I would change my major…again.  I have good amount of knowledge already about Health and Fitness and I am becoming more passionate about it and helping people.  Therefore, I am going to pursue a degree in the field of Health and Fitness.  It’s practical and it’s becoming a booming field.  This whole Insanity Challenge has definitely helped me a lot by making me a better person and I am blessed to be apart of it.

Ready for a recovery day tomorrow!  Well it’s Max Recovery and I know Shaun T won’t make it that easy.

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