Insanity Day 32

Insanity Workout: Fit Test #3 & Max Interval Circuit

Month 2 of my Insanity Challenge began today!  I started out with doing our third Fit Test and I improved in each move.  Some moves improved by a little and some by a lot but either way I think any improvement is good!  I only had a enough time to do the Fit Test before I had to work tonight.  I know I can’t do these Month 2 workouts so late at night.  Well, I had to workout to Max Interval Circuit as soon as I got home since it’s a 60-minute workout.  This is the same workout I had tried a couple weeks ago at Eddie’s house with him and Marina.  I had to stop half-way through because I was feeling pain in my jaw.  I went too fast and too hard and I definitely learned my lesson.

This time around, I took breaks when I needed to, slowed down but kept on going, worked on my breathing, and modified a few moves.  My knees felt a little sore so I had to take it easy on any jumps or squats.  Half-way through, I felt like I wanted to quit.  I was very tired and I didn’t have a lot of energy.  I was thinking why am I doing this to myself and I remembered why.  I kept on going and somehow gained a little more energy to help me get through the workout.  I am so happy I was able to get through it this time around without having to stop or even pause the DVD.  This was the most sweat I have ever worked up during Insanity so far.  I even had my fan on at the highest setting and I was still sweating so much.

Tomorrow is Max Interval Plyo and I have heard that it is the hardest workout of the whole program.  I’m for sure going to do this workout early in the day.  I’m sure Shaun T will take “Digging deep” on a whole new level and I’ll be ready!

Fit Test #3 Results (Numbers are not actual reps, only improvements):
1. Switch Kicks = 23
2. Power Jacks = 6
3. Power Knees = 10
4. Power Jumps = 11
5. Globe Jumps = 2
6. Suicide Jumps = 3
7. Push-Up Jacks = 8
8. Low Plank Oblique = 23

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