Insanity Day 31

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

Today is the final day of Recovery Week and it’s great to have an off day to help me prepare for what is to come in the next month.  Like I have said before, Month 1 does not compare to Month 2.  I know it is going to be extremely tough at first but I will make sure I take those breaks when I need them, make sure I breathe through each move…and I most definitely will not go too fast and too hard at first.  It will be a challenge that’s for sure and I’m absolutely ready for it.  I’m proud of myself that I kept to the Insanity Challenge group schedule and that I have accomplished a lot in a little over a month.  Losing 12 pounds since Feburary 6th is amazing and I’m sure I will be losing weight at a faster pace in the next month since the intensity level doubles.

I’m curious to see how I’ll do with the third Fit Test which will be done tomorrow.  I have a feeling that I will improve since my last test.  After that, it’s Max Interval Circuit.  Here’s to Month 2…BRING IT!

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