Insanity Day 30

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

I mentioned in my post from yesterday that I would make an exciting announcement today.  I was not able to write it all out before I ran around for pretty much the whole day.  I will either post it tomorrow or first thing on Monday morning.

I had another long day and I didn’t get the chance to workout before I left.  I knew I had to do my workout as soon as I got back from work.  Even though I was exhausted after work tonight, I did my workout.  It was the last day of Recovery Week and Core Cardio and Balance.  I had a great workout as usual.  I felt a little sore from doing P90X Ab Ripper X but I wasn’t as sore as I did it the first time around.  It’s crazy how I’m still able to build more muscle even though I think I have a lot of it already.

Tomorrow is our rest day and then come Monday, we have a Fit Test and go into Month 2 workouts!

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