Insanity Day 26

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

I am happy to say that it has been exactly one month since I started the Insanity Challenge!  And yes, the title of this post is correct at Day 26.  I did not count the 4 days I was sick and did not workout.  But what a better way to enjoy it was with a beautiful day it was in the Chicagoland Area. Well we’ve only had about 3 or 4 big snow storms this whole winter and even those weren’t as bad as last year.  Needless to say we’ve had pretty great weather all winter.  It was a wonderful feeling to leave the house in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and drive with my windows down while listening to summer-like music.  I was able to get some errands done especially get to the store to buy some food.  I absolutely love buying fresh produce and I’m such a sucker for fresh produce at great prices.

I had another late workout to Core Cardio and Balance.  I was able to keep up a little more today with the workout.  When it came to those Hip Flexor Burners, I improved a bit by holding longer.  Those Shoulder Burners in Plie were still tough.  Small progress is still progress!  Since it was warmer outside, I knew would work up a bigger sweat during my workout.  It generally either gets very hot or cold in my room depending on how it is outside.  I was tempted to turn on my fan but I just loved that sweaty feeling haha.  Throughout the workout, I noticed that my shorts are getting looser and they actually kept falling down a bit lol.  Maybe a bit “TMI” but it’s true.  I’m trying to hold out until I lose more weight to buy more clothes but it looks like I might have to start now.

The quote below was shared today by Eddie (my Beachbody Coach/friend).  I’ve heard it before but I thought I’d share it as well since it’s a great quote.  Hope you all had a great day!

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