Insanity Day 24

Insanity Workout: Day Off

It was very nice to finally have a day off after working out to Insanity for 13 straight days.  I thought working out with Fast and Furious last Sunday would catch me up a little bit because I was sick a couple weeks ago and missed 4 days.  However, I worked out today in a way but at the same time I didn’t.  I was talking about Insanity with my friend Stacey tonight…actually I talk about it with her a lot.  Well I always see the informercial on TV each time I go over to her house and I got up when Shaun T was demonstrating the moves.  I started to do them and got her to get up and try them with me.  We then decided to do the Shaun T’s Miracle 15-Minute Workout from the Doctor Oz Show.  I did only did some of the moves because I knew I had to take the rest.  But I jumped in here and there but we stop a little over half-way through it.  Hi Stacey by the way lol.

I’m feeling great and I’m so ready for recovery week.  It’s all Core Cardio and Balance this week.  I haven’t watched the it yet so I’m curious on how intense it will be for being a recovery workout.  A week from now starts the Month 2 and I’m scared, yet very excited to get into those.  But I’m up for the challenge : )

For those interested in trying out Shaun T’s Miracle 15-Minute Workout, visit

One thought on “Insanity Day 24”

  1. I am so proud of you and your proven dedication. You are extremely inspiring to me. Keep up your good work. You will have something you can be super proud of in the end. 🙂

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