What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Coke

A co-worker showed me this a couple days ago about what happens to your body when you drink a Coke.  I’m sure this happens with pop in general.  I haven’t had any pop since I started my Insanity Challenge…not even diet.  Before that, I would only drink Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi and had an occasional Coke.  I have only been drinking unsweetened hot/iced tea, unsweetened Almond Milk for my Shakeology, and LOTS of water.  I’ll occasionally have some ZipFizz mixed in with a bottle of water or an Iced Coffee from Starbucks (I do a Venti with 3 Splenda and Skim Milk) but I haven’t drank any of those in a month.  For those wondering what ZipFizz is, it’s a healthy energy drink-mix powder in a tube.  I’ll post a review on it sometime next week.  Until then, you can visit their website at http://zipfizz.com.

Take a look at the info below on the effects of Coke  on your body within an hour of consuming it.  It’s pretty scary to really know what happens.  If you’re trying to lose weight, stop with the pop!


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