Insanity Day 19

Insanity Workout: Cardio Power and Resistance

I have some good news!  After not losing any weight last week, I finally lost a pound!  That makes it 9 pounds lost so far.  I would’ve liked to have lost more by now because I have done so in the past in less time but it’s okay.  As long as I keep going in the right direction, I’m happy.  One pound at a time is better than losing nothing at all or even gaining a pound.

I could not decide which workout I thought was harder; Pure Cardio or Cardio Power and Resistance.  I finally decided that Cardio Power and Resistance was harder.  Having to control your body accompanied with cardio in circuits is a little harder than doing straight cardio moves that last one minute long each.  I was having some hard time recovering today.  Half-way through, I did not have the energy and it was like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen in my system to recover well.  I haven’t had to pause a workout since my first week and I was not planning on doing it today.  I took a few more breaks and didn’t have to pause.  Even though I was having a hard time, I know I still had a great workout if I was drenched in sweat by the end of it.

Tomorrow is Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Abs.  I’ll be working out with my Beachbody Coach, Eddie and Plyometric Cardio Circuit was actually the workout I did with him the first time I ever tried Insanity.  I was struggling that first time and I had to take so many breaks.  I was not even able to finish it because I felt nauseous from working hard too hard.  I have definitely improved since then.  I’m looking forward to my workout tomorrow!

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