Insanity Day 17

Insanity Workout: Off Day Fast and Furious

Today was supposed to be a scheduled off day for our Insanity Challenge group but I decided to “push play”.  I felt like I needed to do a workout especially since I was sick for 4 days last week.  I was also bored so I decided to try out Fast and Furious.  It’s not a part of the DVD set so it’s not on the schedule for our group.  This workout packs a 45-minute Insanity workout into 20 minutes.  There were moves in there that I haven’t even done yet!   It’s a crazy workout that literally moves along so fast and after that I was sweating like I did Pure Cardio.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since I began the Insanity Challenge.  I’m hoping I lost at least a couple more pounds when I weigh myself in the morning since I didn’t lose any this past week.  I have been talking a lot on my improvements the in my previous entries.  Even if the scale doesn’t say so, I feel that I have improved so much.   My energy level is so much higher.  Each day I’m slowly wanting to accomplish more things whether it’s cleaning my room, doing a workout, etc.  Today it happened to be cleaning out my whole car on the outside and inside.  Let’s see what tomorrow will bring as I’m look forward to an awesome Week 4!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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