Insanity Day 15

Insanity Workout: Cardio Power and Resistance

Another day, another great workout completed!  I love the feeling after I finish an Insanity workout and all of the sweat that comes along with it.  Call me crazy but I think it’s awesome when I’m drenched in sweat.  It means I worked my ass off : )  I feel like I have accomplished so much each day when the workouts are less than an hour long.  I am definitely improving every day.  When I first started I modified a lot of moves.  I’m still modifying some moves but I’m slowly doing the moves on their own especially the jumps and anything that has to do with using your upper body.  As many times as I would like to take breaks, slow it down, or just stop, I push myself harder because in the end it’s benefiting me.  I’m going to push harder tomorrow and each day after that so I can be totally ready for Month 2!

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