Insanity Day 10

Insanity Workout: Off Day

Since today was an off day, I won’t have too much to share.   I was thinking about doing Fast and Furious but for some reason I just felt like relaxing after a very long day yesterday.  I also sort of had a long day today as well and did a bunch of running around.  I’m not sure if I was tired or not but I felt out of it today.  I definitely don’t think I ate enough which I know isn’t good.

We have our second Fit Test tomorrow and I know I’ll definitely do better than the first test.  I think I’ll throw in an extra workout after the Fit Test.  I have a little bit of catching up to do since I missed 4 days last week.  As far as my cold update, I’m at about 90%.  My ears have been slowing “draining” each day.

Anyways, this post was mostly a few random updates.  I’m looking forward to working harder and doing better in my Fit Test : )

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