Ready 2 Push Play

I felt great today even though I’m still a little sick.  I think it had to do with how sunny it was but I would be a lot better if both of my ears would unclog already.  My right ear unclogged a little bit on my way to work and I think I needed to get outside of the house and needed to get moving.  I’m hoping they’ll totally unclog tomorrow.  It was very hard to talk to people and yell at work.  I couldn’t tell how loud I was speaking most of the time and I sometimes couldn’t hear what people were saying.  Either way, it was great to get to work again.

I have a small cough but I’m going to try to workout tomorrow.  I haven’t worked out in 4 days and I have been itching to get back into it.  I thought I wouldn’t be losing any weight because I haven’t worked out.  I actually lost another pound and that makes it a total of 7 pounds I have lost since I started the Insanity Challenge.  It makes me wonder how much more weight I could’ve lost if I didn’t get sick.  Tomorrow’s workout is Cardio Power and Resistance and Cardio Abs.  I’m going to take it slow so I don’t stress myself out and get more sick.  I’m ready to “push play” : )

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