Sick – No Insanity

I have been very wrong about this cold.  I really thought it would pass very quickly but it hasn’t so I went to go see my doctor today.  Both of my ears are very clogged and it had started to give me headaches and made my jaw ache last night.  It turns out that I have a virus and an inner ear infection.  I asked him if I can still do Insanity and he said I can’t for a few days until I get better especially since I’m starting to develop a cough.  Just lots of rest for the next few days along with plenty of fluids of course.  He prescribed me three different medicines including a Z-Pak.  Even though I can’t workout, I’m still going to continue eating healthy and drinking Shakeology.

On the brighter note, I have lost 4 pounds since I started the program last Monday!  We have two scales here at home which show different readings.  One is digital and the other is an older scale \.  I thought the older one was more accurate.  They weighed me at the doctor’s office and I was able to compare the results from there to the scales at home.  It turns out the digital scale was accurate the whole time.  I started the program a few pounds heavier that I thought.  I know it’s not about the scale but how you look and feel.  I think it’s good to know how my progress is on the scale.  Anyways, losing 4 pounds in a week is good enough for me! Can’t wait to get back into my workouts once I get better and lose even more : )

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