Fat Distribution

I found an interesting picture from Pinterest.  Thanks for pinning this Mary!  I’ve always wondered how fat looks internally especially around the organs.  It makes me want to work out again today.  Yikes!

This body scan shows the fat distribution of a 250 lb woman vs a 120 lb woman. Notice that the internal fat that can’t be seen with the eye is quite different. There is fat around the heart and though out the abdomen. The liver (upper right side of abdomen) is enlarged with fat. This is called “fatty liver” and can cause liver failure. The bones and joints of the legs are showing the effects of the extra weight.

Insanity Day 3

Insanity Workout: Cardio Recovery

Today’s workout was a little easier than the past couple of days but it was still hard at the same time.  Cardio Recovery involved a lot of stretching and control.  It was a shorter workout but I was able to work up a good sweat the whole time.  I had to take a few breaks from some of the longer poses.  It’ll get easier from here and I won’t be holding up so much of it as I lose weight.

I have been testing the theory that if you eat an orange before a workout, you will experience less muscle soreness and they help you stay hydrated.  So far so good and I believe it does work.  I am still a little sore today but not as sore as I would normally be after a hard workout.  Can’t wait to dig deeper tomorrow!