New Year, New Me

Hello new readers and old readers!  I know it’s been a very long since I have updated this blog.  After the testimonial group for TorsoBall ended, I had struggled to stay on track.  I had been off and on since then and I had actually gained some weight back especially from Thanksgiving to today.  I decided I needed to get back on track and chose to start over again after the New Year.  I did a lot of research on different programs and came across the Beachbody Challenge.   I looked at all of the success stories and saw that an old friend was looking to add people to his Insanity Challenge Group.  The challenge is 90 days.  He previously approached me when he first started and I was a little skeptical at first but after seeing his results I decided to go with it.  I needed the accountability and support to stay on track and this challenge has it so I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me.

The challenge begins tomorrow so I will try to post on here each day.  I haven’t researched if any non-Beachbody Coaches have blogs about their journeys so this blog might be rare as I am not a Beachbody Coach.  I’ll include any tips that has helped me along the way, great healthy recipes I find, and motivational quotes.  If you have browsed any of the other sections of this site, you will see old posts on my progress from last year as well as old entries.  I am going to be keeping my old entries, editing the different sections, and changing up the look so please bare with me.  If you have any suggestions for other features for the site or even any helpful health and fitness tips, feel free to email me at

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my site!

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