Day 53

I am very proud to announce that the TorsoBall has launched and is now available!  The infomercial airs tomorrow morning on Oxygen at 4:30am, CNBC this Saturday at 5:30am, and again on Oxygen on Sunday at 5:30am.  All times are Central time.  If you don’t want to wait, you can view it below or at  Again I won’t be in the initial infomercial but my before and after picture is on the website at!  My before picture was taken before I started working out and dieting and my after picture was taken on January 31st at 22 pounds lost.  I have lost 12 pounds since then.  If anyone has any questions on the TorsoBall, feel free to email me!

TorsoBall Before & After

After watching the TorsoBall infomercial and visiting the website, I got more pumped up and gave me the extra boost I needed.  I did my stretching and three circuits on the TorsoBall at home and finished at the gym on the elliptical and doing HIIT.  I only worked half-way through HIIT because I started feeling dizzy.  I think it’s from me staying up very late the other night and waking up late.  I haven’t stayed up so late and slept in like that in a long time.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1210
Exercise = 773
Net = 437
Remaining = 963

Day 53 down, 312 days to go
34 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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