Day 50

I watched Food, Inc. last night along with Supersize Me.  I haven’t seen Supersize Me in a long time and it gave me a sick feeling in my stomach after watching it.  I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in a few months and the only other fast food restaurants that I have been to since I started my diet have been Wendy’s and Subway.  I’m not going to be eating at anymore fast food restaurants anymore but if I absolutely had to it would only be at Subway.  It’s a shame how you have to spend more money just to eat healthy.  All of the fast food chains do offer some type of healthy alternative but in reality some of it isn’t healthy.  If any of you need help trying to stay away from eating fast food or need help eating healthier, I highly recommend watching those two movies.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1393
Exercise = 0
Net = 1393
Remaining = 7

Day 50 down, 315 days to go
34 pounds lost since 1/3/2011