Day 45

I weighed myself this morning because I was curious to see if I gained or maybe even lost weight.  I have lost 6 pounds since I weighed myself on the 9th.  I have lost a total of 34 pounds with 74 pounds to go to reach my ideal weight.  I was very surprised to that I had lost that much without really working out and I for sure haven’t been eating that healthy during the past week and a half.  Maybe it has to do with me being stressed out but usually when you’re stressed out you want to eat more and you gain more.  My body is in burn mode and my metabolism is finally waking up so I guess the weight is literally falling off.  I’m for sure going to take advantage of this.

I started eating healthy again and I felt satisfied.  It wasn’t hard to get back into it.  Even though I didn’t eat as healthy the past week and a half, I didn’t go overboard with it.  I’m going to start working out once these cramps I’ve been having go away and I’m hoping I’ll be ready go to by Friday.

Things are looking up once again and I’m getting back to doing me.  I’m feeling good and I’m feeling positive.  I lost sight of that last week.  I knew things would get better and all I had to do was keep my head up.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1212
Exercise = 0
Net = 1212
Remaining = 188

Day 45 down, 320 days to go
34 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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