Day 43

My Mom brought something to my attention a few days ago.  She told me when my room was clean, I had a clear mind and things started becoming better for me.  My room has slowly gotten messier and messier.  The messier it got, the worse I would feel and things did get worse.  I do believe she was right.  I took the time to throw out papers I did not need and cleaned up the space around my bed and computer.  I still have a lot to throw away and have a lot I would like to clean up but it’s a start.  I’m going to slowly keep working at it each day until my room is to where it should be.  After I cleaned, I feel so much better.  So for those who have a messy room or house, clean it!  A clean room = a clear mind!  The best part is, I was able to count it as light exercise : )

After I cleaned, I got stressed out again.  I still have a lot of things running through my mind.  I’ll eventually get myself back to where I was a couple weeks ago.  I know I’ll get back to it!

Goal = 1400
Food = 874
Exercise = 547
Net = 327
Remaining = 1073

Day 43 down, 322 days to go
28 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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