Day 35

Today was my first and official cheat day especially since it was Super Bowl Sunday.  I didn’t go all out but I enjoyed myself a little more than I did the other night.  I sort of kept track of my calories my putting down everything I ate but it could be a little more than I had.  I put them down just to see how much I went over and how much harder I need to work it off tomorrow.

I didn’t work out again today and I feel very bad that I didn’t.  My day gets a little off when I don’t work out or when I know I won’t be able to.  I know I need to get myself in a better routine.  Since I will have plenty of free time now that Sony is done on the weekends, I will have the chance to work out at the gym on the weekends.

Goal = 1400
Food = N/A
Exercise = 0
Net = N/A
Remaining = N/A

Day 35 down, 330 days to go
27 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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