Day 31

My internet and cable have been out since last night so I’m posting from my phone.  This blizzard was something else.  They call it the third biggest blizzard in Chicago history.  There was one in 1967 and one in 1999 but I barely remember the one in 1999.  This blizzard was definitely memorable.  I kept asking my Dad if he wanted to clear the snow in the driveway last night and he said we’ll wait until it ends.  He woke me up this morning and we spent 5 hours clearing the driveway.  We would break up the snow with a shovel by picking at it then come around with the snowblower.  The snow was so heavy and the drift around our cars were high. 

By the we finished, I felt so exhausted but so good.  It was definitely a work out!  I didn’t do my work out on the TorsoBall because I did more than enough of working out today.  I looked up approximately how many calories you can burn while shoveling and it’s around 400 calories per hour.  The total I put in my calorie counter is probably less than the amount I actually burned but since it’s a high number, I’ll leave it the way it is. 

Goal = 1400
Food = 1154
Exercise = 1214
Net = -60
Remaining = 1460

Day 31 down, 334 days to go
22 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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