Day 23

Before I start writing about Day 23, I would like to thank everyone for all of the support so far!  I appreciate all of the comments and even the views alone.  They are definitely helping me work harder to get to my ultimate goal.  If anyone has anymore beneficial tips for me, they are most welcome!

This morning I decided to write out the following everyday: the day I was on, how many days I have left to go, how many pounds I have lost, and how many I have left to go to get to my goal weight.  I’ve heard that writing out your goals and posting it somewhere is a positive reminder.  I put the goals I wrote down in a spot where I can see it anywhere in my room.  Every time I look at it, I am reminded on why I am doing this and to keep going.


Today was a pretty easy day.  I opened at work and did some grocery shopping.  I need a bigger variety of healthy food to eat.  I love how I don’t spend as much as I used to by buying food and making it yourself.  I used to spend at least $10 for each meal and rarely ate at home.  On top of that, most of the food I bought wasn’t healthy at all.

I mixed it up a bit with my work outs tonight.  I still did my regular routine for the workout program at home then worked on my stretching and swung a dumbbell like a tennis racquet a few times.  At the gym, I worked out on the elliptical and I tried out HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

From Wikipedia:
“High-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprint interval training is an exercise strategy that is intended to improve performance with short training sessions. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is beneficial to burning fat in a short and intense workout. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 9–20 minutes. The original protocol set a 2:1 ratio for work to recovery periods. For example, a runner would alternate 15-20 seconds of hard sprinting with 10 seconds of jogging or walking.”

Since it was my first time trying out HIIT, I didn’t run at my max speed during the high intensity cycle.  I plan on slowly building up my speed as I get used to it.  The 20 minutes went by fast and it’s definitely a great work out.  I am for sure going to include it into my routine from now on. 

I wore my new Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s throughout my whole workout and even at the gym.  I was surprised that no one had noticed my shoes.  I thought my feet and legs were supposed to be all sore but they weren’t.  I wear socks at home all the time so I think that helped my feet get used to them faster than expected.  I found that my work outs felt a little easier.  I could feel the floor as I walked throughout the gym, the belt under my feet on the treadmill, and even the little ridges on the elliptical.  In fact, I am still wearing them as I write this!

Well time to take off my KSO’s and rest up for Day 24!
Goal = 1400
Food =1216
Exercise = 1100
Net =116
Remaining = 1284

Day 23 down, 342 days to go
18 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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