Day 21

Today was a sad day for Chicago.  We lost one of the biggest, if not the biggest game in Bears history.  Throughout the game, I stayed positive and believed the Bears could get the “W” but we came up short.  That set the mood for me for the rest of the day.  After the game ended, I wanted to put my disappointment into working out as soon as I got home.

I made myself dinner and I ended up taking a nap for an hour.  I haven’t napped since I started using my CPAP again.  That was back in October.  I have been falling asleep without it a couple of nights during the past week though.  I think that’s what got to me.  I think it also might be because of exhaustion.  I have been working myself so hard these past 2 weeks not only at work but with working out.  Losing 15 pounds in less than a month is a lot and is a great accomplishment thus far.  I need to have the mentality that it’s ok.

I was planning on working out tonight and was planning on going to Planet Fitness when it opened up at midnight.  My body was telling me to take a night off.  I thought I would get some type of workout in even if it’s small so I took a few minutes to work out my abs.  I’m going to relax for a little bit longer and make sure I wear my CPAP before I fall asleep again.  I’m going to get back on my grind tomorrow.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1294
Exercise = 118
Net = 1176
Remaining = 224

Day 21 down, 344 days to go
15 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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