Day 18

Every morning I do a body test on my Wii Fit Plus and I haven’t lost any weight since the 17th.  I have been eating right and exercising so I’m thinking that this is one of many plateaus I’ll hit as I lose weight.  It’s ok because that’s just more motivation for me to work harder.

It’s my second day taking OxyElite Pro.  I experienced the same thing the other morning.  I felt nauseous a few minutes after taking it but it went away within 10 minutes.  I felt the same effects all day as I did yesterday and I’m already a little used to the intensity of the caffeine.  I did my workout program before work and even worked on my arms with my dumbbells.  I didn’t have enough time to hit the gym to finish my workout.

After work I went straight to Planet Fitness and spent 60 minutes on the elliptical.  I spent most of my time on Level 5 and I believe it goes to 10 levels…but I could be wrong.  I’ll get up to that level very soon.  At times I should’ve taken a breather or two but my brain was telling me to keep going and keep working hard at it.  I’ve noticed today and yesterday that I was the hardest working person out of everyone else that were on the other cardio machines while I was there.  At my weight and fitness level, it’s surprisingly very high compared to others.

All day I didn’t feel hungry again due to OEP.  I was able to eat enough though.  With the calories I took in today and with my exercise my net ended up being -14 for the first time.  I finally just realized it’s ok to have my net calories very low at the end of the day as long as my food count is as close to my calorie intake.

Bring on Day 19!

Goal = 1400
Food = 1250
Exercise = 1264
Net = -14
Remaining = 1414

Day 18 down, 347 days to go
15 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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