Day 12

I know I said I was going to work out double time today but I wasn’t able to get any workouts in today yet again.  I had to go from one job to the next.  I was running around trying to get some work done for my merchandising job since it’s due today. 

I started a different method to eating today.  I got the tip from a friend.  I will be eating every couple of hours or so throughout the day but only a small amount each time.  For breakfast, lunch, and dinner I’ll have a bit more.  I’m not eating to the point where I’m full either.  It’s working for my friend so so far it’s working out just fine for me.  I didn’t feel as hungry and even though I wasn’t able to work out, I was well under my calorie intake for the day.  And another good thing is that I didn’t spend any money on having to buy food while I’m out working. 

Goal = 1600
Food = 1209
Exercise = 0
Net = 1209
Remaining = 391

Day 12 down, 353 days to go
13 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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