Day 9

Hello everyone! As you can see from my lack of posts, I had stopped my diet around the time of my last post. Thank you to those who have commented in my previous posts.  They helped me a lot and is the reason why I have started up my blog again. 

Since December 6th, I gained back most of the weight I lost but for some reason I was still 2 pounds under the weight that I started at in November. Overall I had a bad month and it wasn’t the right time for me to start a diet with the Holidays and all. Just like everyone else in the world, I wanted to start dieting and exercising in the New Year. The big difference is that I plan on keeping my goal while other people just do it during the first month then get lazy about it. I didn’t make a New Years Resolution to lose weight. I just made it a point to do better than I did last year.

I started my dieting and exercising on Monday, January 3rd, 2011. Instead of restarting my blog at Day 1, I’ll continue where I left off. I have also tweaked my diet and added more into my exercise. Instead of eating a lot of protein and eating very little carbs, I decided to count calories. I can kind of still eat what I want but instead of white rice or white bread for example, I’ll have brown rice or whole wheat bread.  I’m reading labels and checking on the calories, sodium, fat, etc.  I’m still drinking 12 8 oz. glasses of water per day and I find it a lot easier to do this time around.  I’m not even drinking diet pop or my favorite, Coke Zero.

I figured out my daily calorie intake to maintain my weight. If you want to lose fat, a useful guideline for lowering your calorie intake is to reduce your calories by at least 500, but not more than 1000 below your maintenance level.  I decided to subtract my number 1200 which makes it 1600 calories per day that I can take in.  There are approximately 3500 calories in a pound of stored body fat.   They say if you create a 3500-calorie deficit through diet, exercise or a combination of both, you will lose one pound of body weight.  If you would like more info on how to figure our your own calorie intake, go to

I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone.  It’s a very easy calorie counter that has the largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter.  It also keeps track of exercise and water entry with a breakdown of nutrients of what you have eaten.  I simply set my calorie intake and it helps me keep track of what I each for each meal and snack each day.  MyFitnessPal has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it for anyone to use.  You don’t even need an iPhone/iPad/iPod to use it…just go to  

As far as my exercise, I am still doing the new workout program I came across in November.  I do a half hour that works mostly my core but it gives me a full body workout and keeps my heart rate high.  I signed up at Planet Fitness last Monday so I do my workout from home and go straight to the gym for cardio and weight training to tone my body for at least another hour.  I plan on slowly increasing my workouts as I get stronger and lose weight.

I will not be posting what I eat each day.  I will be posting my calorie breakdown of each day starting with today.

Goal = 1600
Food = 1625
Exercise = 456
Net = 1169
Remaining = 431

As I said earlier, I was 2 pounds down from when I first started in November.  Since Monday, the 3rd I have lost a total of 9 pounds.  That’s pretty much 1 pound a day but I lost the bulk of it during the week last week.  I feel a lot better this time around and I feel great!  I really have the motivation I need to get to my goal and I am very excited to see the results a year from now : )

The countdown continues once again!

Day 9 down, 356 days to go
9 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

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