Day 29

I weighed myself first thing this morning and I have lost 1 more pound.  22 pounds lost in 29 days!  I didn’t even do that much over the weekend and I still managed to lose a pound.  I noticed that my clothes have gotten a little looser again as I was getting ready for the rest of my day.  I put on a sweatshirt that was tight enough where I couldn’t breathe up until a month ago and I can now wear it comfortably.  My jeans aren’t as skin-tight and I’m pretty sure by the end of February, I will be one size smaller.

I shot my testimonial for the challenge I took for the workout program that I have been doing at home.  I am very excited that I now have permission to share what I have been doing for the past 29 days.  Back in November, I came across an opportunity to be apart of a challenge for this new exercise ball.  This ball is called the TorsoBall.  It’s a cross between the Ab Roller and one of those big exercise balls but it’s smaller with handles attached. 

Of all of the diets and exercise equipment I have tried out in the past, the TorsoBall has been definitely working for me.  The work out along is amazing and the nutritional side to the program is working out a lot better than diets I have tried in the past.  If anyone wants more info on how the TorsoBall works, I will be more than happy to explain and maybe even show you!

I shot a few takes for the infomercial which airs in about 3 weeks.  As usual infomercials air either late at night or early in the morning.  I will let everyone know exactly what channels they will be on, the date, and the time.  The TorsoBall will be available by the end of February.  Even though the challenge is over, I will still be able to keep going until I reach my ultimate goal.  As I keep losing weight, I’ll keep re-shooting my testimonial. 

After I shot my testimonial, ran around the rest of the day running errands since we’re supposed to get this huge blizzard tomorrow night.  I spent the rest of the night hanging out with a couple of friends and then got home late.  I wasn’t able to do any work outs but I figured I can afford to take one more day off with all of the hard work I have been putting in.  I’m going to get myself up early tomorrow before the blizzard hits to get my work out in.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1070
Exercise = 0
Net = 1070
Remaining = 330

Day 29 down, 336 days to go
22 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 28

Not a whole lot to talk about today.  I worked then went grocery shopping since there’s a blizzard watch in effect until Wednesday.  I spent a good amount of time looking at all of the labels and I only picked up six things because I didn’t have enough time to finish.  Let me just say, it’s a shame that we have to spend more money just to eat healthy. 

I ended up working out a little later in the night but I was only able to do some stretching and my workout program.  I was planning on going to Planet Fitness when it opened at midnight but I think I pulled something in my stomach and I felt a little soreness in my left elbow.  Since I took it pretty easy this weekend, I’m going to go hard this next week.

Goal = 1400
Food =1326
Exercise = 364
Net =962
Remaining = 438

Day 28 down, 337 days to go
21 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 27

I felt a lot better today!  All I needed was a little rest and some good sleep.  My shins weren’t as sore so I didn’t limp around work.  Work went by very slow today.  I tried to see if I can make the grumpy customers I encountered a little happier by smiling.  It didn’t work lol.

Since I wasn’t able to get myself up early enough to work out, I worked on my stretching and did my workout program at home after work.  I tried something very unusual during my workout program just to see if it would make my work out better.  I’m not sure how I got this idea but smiled throughout my work out.  Even when I tried not to smile, I kept on smiling and it actually made my work out a lot more fun.

I didn’t have enough time to finish off with cardio but I’m glad I got some type of work out in.  I have to finish getting ready and go out with the girls!  Let’s see if I can get myself up to work out before work.  Third time’s a charm?

Goal = 1400
Food = 1231
Exercise = 364
Net = 867
Remaining = 533

Day 27 down, 338 days to go
21 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 26

I’m not going to try to sound like a downer in this post but I have had one very long, rough, stressful, and exhausting day.  I worked all 3 of my part-time jobs within 10 hours.  I went from one job to the next.  On top of that, I did not get up early enough to work out.  However, I still stuck to my diet.

As the day went on, I started to develop a small limp.  My legs are sore from working out and my new Vibram FiveFingers shoes.  Now I know why it is recommended to start slow because it takes a lot of getting used to.  I didn’t read over these tips before I started using the shoes…

Some transitioning tips:

  • Run no more than 10% of your typical running distance for the first 2–3 weeks
  • After 2–3 weeks, gradually increase mileage by 10%–20% every couple of weeks
  • If you ever start to feel pain during a run, stop! You can always try again in a couple of days
  • Never run 2 days in a row for the first month
  • Stretch before and after each run, focusing on calves and feet, because Vibram FiveFingers running will stimulate these muscles
  • If, after several weeks of training, you are consistently very sore, you need to rest and back-off on your mileage

I thought since I’m always barefoot or in socks at home, I would be able to transition easier and faster.  I thought wrong and I’m a little stubborn.  So now I have really bad shin splints.  I read more tips that I found on a website dedicated for avid users Vibram FiveFingers at  They feel amazing when I am working out but I’m going to follow all of the tips and take it easy for the next week or so.

By the time I got home from work, I was mentally and physically exhausted.  I was planning on working out for a little bit as soon as I got home but a friend of mine said I need to take a day off to let my muscles heal.  Even if I did work out, I would be too sore to do anything tonight.  MyFitnessPal keeps track not only of my food, but also my exercise.  I looked back to see when the last time I took a day off from working out and that was on Friday, January 14th…2 weeks ago.  I took it easy on a couple of days in between but I still did some type of exercise.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I’m not pushing myself to hard so I take that back now.  I should’ve known better that I should take a rest day here and there since I was an athlete.  This is a learning experience for me and I’m going to learn from whatever mistakes I make along the way…in my weight loss journey and in life.

Today was just a small bump in the road and I’m going to stay positive and shake it off.  I know I’ll feel better in the morning.  I plan on working out before I work and of course, I’m going to take it slow with my new shoes.

Goal = 1400
Food =1206
Exercise = 0 (Rest Day)
Net = 1206
Remaining = 194

Day 26 down, 339 days to go
21 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 25

Once again thanks to those who have been keeping up with my progress so far!  I appreciate all of the comments and take each of them to heart.

I try to weigh only once a week but I decided to weigh myself this morning.  I lost another 3 pounds since Monday!  I have lost a total of 21 pounds so far!  I know that’s a lot in a very short period of time but I feel great!  I’m not going overboard with working myself out too hard and eating too little.  I do still feel a little sore in the legs but that’s only because of my new shoes.  My shins are especially sore.  My feet and legs are still adjusting to them.

Other than that, it was another usual day.  The only difference was that I felt really happy and felt so good all day.  I did my workout program from home, went to work, hung out with friends, then worked out.  I have a very busy day tomorrow so I’ll have to get up extra early to get my work out in. 

Another great day in the books!

Goal = 1400
Food =1239
Exercise = 1093
Net = 146
Remaining = 1254

Day 25 down, 340 days to go
21 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 24

I woke up feeling sore.  It felt like I worked out for the first time yesterday.  The bottom of my feet felt sore too.  But other than that I felt great!  The calorie tracker I use has a breakdown of all of the nutrients I take in each day.  It tells me the maximum amount I can have per day and I have been very good not to go over my fats, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, and sugar.  I was very close the my max for sodium so I had to be careful to what I ate for dinner.  I figured out my meal and ended up being just a little under.

I had a very good work out today.  My feet didn’t feel as sore by the time I had to do my workouts so I wore my Vibram FiveFingers.  I did the usual from home and hit the gym.  The elliptical I have been using for the past week or so happens to be in front of the TV that has the Food Network on it.  I don’t know why but I like being in front of it as I work out.  On the TV next to it, they have MTV.  I have been watching bits and pieces of “I Used To Be Fat” for the past week or so.  Watching the transformation on some of the people in the show gives me more motivation to work harder.  Most of them are heavier than me so if they can do it, I can.

I did HIIT again today and I still did not sprint at my max speed but I ran at a good enough pace.  HIIT keeps the body burning calories long after working out.  When I left the gym, my body felt like I was still working out.  In fact, I still feel it now! 

Goal = 1400
Food =1206
Exercise = 1039
Net =167
Remaining = 1233

Day 24 down, 341 days to go
18 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 23

Before I start writing about Day 23, I would like to thank everyone for all of the support so far!  I appreciate all of the comments and even the views alone.  They are definitely helping me work harder to get to my ultimate goal.  If anyone has anymore beneficial tips for me, they are most welcome!

This morning I decided to write out the following everyday: the day I was on, how many days I have left to go, how many pounds I have lost, and how many I have left to go to get to my goal weight.  I’ve heard that writing out your goals and posting it somewhere is a positive reminder.  I put the goals I wrote down in a spot where I can see it anywhere in my room.  Every time I look at it, I am reminded on why I am doing this and to keep going.


Today was a pretty easy day.  I opened at work and did some grocery shopping.  I need a bigger variety of healthy food to eat.  I love how I don’t spend as much as I used to by buying food and making it yourself.  I used to spend at least $10 for each meal and rarely ate at home.  On top of that, most of the food I bought wasn’t healthy at all.

I mixed it up a bit with my work outs tonight.  I still did my regular routine for the workout program at home then worked on my stretching and swung a dumbbell like a tennis racquet a few times.  At the gym, I worked out on the elliptical and I tried out HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

From Wikipedia:
“High-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprint interval training is an exercise strategy that is intended to improve performance with short training sessions. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is beneficial to burning fat in a short and intense workout. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 9–20 minutes. The original protocol set a 2:1 ratio for work to recovery periods. For example, a runner would alternate 15-20 seconds of hard sprinting with 10 seconds of jogging or walking.”

Since it was my first time trying out HIIT, I didn’t run at my max speed during the high intensity cycle.  I plan on slowly building up my speed as I get used to it.  The 20 minutes went by fast and it’s definitely a great work out.  I am for sure going to include it into my routine from now on. 

I wore my new Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s throughout my whole workout and even at the gym.  I was surprised that no one had noticed my shoes.  I thought my feet and legs were supposed to be all sore but they weren’t.  I wear socks at home all the time so I think that helped my feet get used to them faster than expected.  I found that my work outs felt a little easier.  I could feel the floor as I walked throughout the gym, the belt under my feet on the treadmill, and even the little ridges on the elliptical.  In fact, I am still wearing them as I write this!

Well time to take off my KSO’s and rest up for Day 24!
Goal = 1400
Food =1216
Exercise = 1100
Net =116
Remaining = 1284

Day 23 down, 342 days to go
18 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 22

Today was a very good day for me!  I weighed myself this morning and I lost another 3 pounds making it 18 pounds total that I have lost since January 3rd!  I also registered at the College of DuPage for the 12-week classes for the Spring.  I think I finally figured out what my plans are for school too.  Things are coming together beautifully for me : ) 

After I registered, I went to REI to buy a pair of Vibram FiveFingers KSO.  I had heard about them when I saw someone wearing them back in August.  I was in desperate need of buying new work out shoes so I did some research on FiveFingers.   Vibram FiveFingers simulates walking barefoot, which moves your body in a more natural and healthy way.  They stimulate muscles in your feet and lower legs to build strength and improve range of motion.  I read the reviews and it sounded like everyone loves them and helps them work out better.

From the Vibram FiveFingers website:
“Our revolutionary design makes feet healthier by allowing them to move more naturally and freely.

The typical human foot is an anatomical marvel of evolution with 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons and ligaments. Like the rest of the body, to keep our feet healthy, they need to be stimulated and exercised.”

I can keep going on and on but if you would like more information go to  I tried them on at REI and they were a little hard to get them on.  I guess there’s a method to putting them on by aligning your toes with the five toe pockets, sliding them into the pockets, and finally the heel.  It was a weird feeling once they were on.  Our toes are so used to being all cramped up in a shoe.  I put them on again as soon as I got home.  They say you’re supposed to start slow because you will using new muscles in the feet and lower legs.  I wore them around the house and even tried them out while I did my workout program at home.  I felt so light and free when I worked out.  It felt a little easier to do things because of the flexibility of the shoe.

I headed to the gym to finish my work out but I wore my old shoes so I wouldn’t overdo it in my new shoes.  I mixed it up a little by doing 35 minutes on the elliptical and 25 minutes on a stationary bike.  For some reason my legs felt very tired throughout my work out but I kept at it.  

Bring on Day 23! 

Goal = 1400
Food =1286
Exercise = 1163
Net =123
Remaining = 1277

Day 22 down, 343 days to go
18 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 21

Today was a sad day for Chicago.  We lost one of the biggest, if not the biggest game in Bears history.  Throughout the game, I stayed positive and believed the Bears could get the “W” but we came up short.  That set the mood for me for the rest of the day.  After the game ended, I wanted to put my disappointment into working out as soon as I got home.

I made myself dinner and I ended up taking a nap for an hour.  I haven’t napped since I started using my CPAP again.  That was back in October.  I have been falling asleep without it a couple of nights during the past week though.  I think that’s what got to me.  I think it also might be because of exhaustion.  I have been working myself so hard these past 2 weeks not only at work but with working out.  Losing 15 pounds in less than a month is a lot and is a great accomplishment thus far.  I need to have the mentality that it’s ok.

I was planning on working out tonight and was planning on going to Planet Fitness when it opened up at midnight.  My body was telling me to take a night off.  I thought I would get some type of workout in even if it’s small so I took a few minutes to work out my abs.  I’m going to relax for a little bit longer and make sure I wear my CPAP before I fall asleep again.  I’m going to get back on my grind tomorrow.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1294
Exercise = 118
Net = 1176
Remaining = 224

Day 21 down, 344 days to go
15 pounds lost since 1/3/2011

Day 20

Today seemed like a weird day.  I just felt weird.  I ended up not working out before work this morning.  I was thinking whether or not I should take a day off from working out.  I ended up working out at home doing the workout program and I did some stretches to work on my flexibility along with some Wii Fit Plus.  I actually just finished not too long ago and I feel a lot better that I worked out.  I took it a little easier tonight since I have been working pretty hard for the last week or so.

I would love to be able to go to the gym tomorrow so we’ll see if I can get myself up in time to go before work.  If not, it’ll be my day of rest.

Goal = 1400
Food = 1250
Exercise = 488
Net = 762
Remaining = 638

Day 20 down, 345 days to go
15 pounds lost since 1/3/2011