Day 5

Happy 26th Birthday to me!

After posting Day 4 the other night, I had to stop and do a visit.  I went to the wrong location after submitting my paperwork lol.  I quickly did that and then went out for a bit for my Birthday.  It’s been tradition since I turned 21 to do a shot at midnight.  I wasn’t going to let my stress-filled day make me miss it.

*All meals below were accompanied with water*

2 Boiled Eggs
2 Scrambled Egg Whites



I was unable to get my workout in before working a very very long day at both jobs.  I felt like I was unable to do anything today.  I definitely didn’t eat right but at least I was able to drink enough water.  These past couple of days have been so stressful that I couldn’t think straight and I feel like it was playing with my health.  I can’t even think straight right now as I write this.  I feel like I was thrown into this new job.  I got it on Tuesday and that night I was asked to complete 2 assignments.  I took on more than I should have with very little training.  I’m expected to finish everything by today but it’s not going to happen.  One store alone took more 4 hours and it’s supposed to only take 2 hours.  It’s time to re-evaluate this job and get back on track with losing this weight.  I need to start getting a positive feeling back up on this blog as well.

I’m just glad I’m done with work for the day.  Time to get ready and go out for my Birthday party!  I need to at least have some fun today.

Day 5 down, 360 days to go

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