Day 1

Today was my official start date of dieting and exercising.  My diet is high protein and low carbs.  I absolutely LOVE carbs so it’s going to be a little tough in the beginning.  I snack throughout the day to make sure I always have protein in my body so I will be eating 5-6 times a day.  As apart of my snack or meal replacement, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to buy Super Pro which is a protein powder along with Acai Cleanse and Detox to rid my body of extra water and toxins.  I also take a supplement to help suppress my appetite and boost my metabolism.  On top of that, I drink 1 gallon of water throughout the day.

*All meals below were accompanied with water*

2 Boiled Eggs
2 Scrambled Egg Whites

Grilled Chicken Breast
Steamed Vegetables

Protein Shake

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Grilled Salmon
Steamed Vegetables

Protein Shake

It was a little hard getting through the day today since I’m not used to eating very healthy and eating smaller portions.   All day I felt like I was going through withdrawal that’s similar to quitting smoking, alcohol, etc. except my withdrawal was from food.  I know it’ll take some time to used to.

My new workout plan lasts at least an hour.  I haven’t done any type of exercise in a very long time so today’s workout was exhausting.  It amazes me how out of shape I am.  Not to mention it amazes me even more that I weighed a lot more than I thought when I weighed myself first thing this morning.  I’ll be weighing myself in one week to see how much weight I’ve lost.  I will probably be very sore the next few days but I’ll be ready and I will keep on going until I meet my goal.  I just need to remember to take on one pound at a time. 

Day 1 down, 364 days left to go…BRING IT!

The Day Before

On Saturday and Sunday, I pretty much enjoyed my last “fatty” meals as much as I could.  I won’t be able to eat a lot of the things I enjoy for a while.  I went to my favorite restaurant in downtown Naperville, BD’s Mongolian Grill, and used up the coupon I received in my email for a free Birthday bowl on Saturday with my cousin Elaine and her boyfriend Bert.  And on Sunday night, I had BBQ Ribs and mashed potatoes.  Even though my Birthday is coming up on Friday and I have my Birthday dinner on Sunday night, I’ll still stick to eating healthy or at least eat small portions.

I guess it’s time I should get to bed so I can wake up early to start the new workout program right by eating breakfast and doing my workout.  From here on out, it’s all healthy eating and exercise from here!

0 days down, 365 days to go