Everything Happens For A Reason

I believe everything happens for a reason.  We meet people in our lives for a reason.  During work a couple of weekends ago, I met Alex Ong and his wife while they were looking for a new TV.  Alex Ong is an inspirational speaker, coach, and natural health author of the self-help book titled Mind Your Own Wellness (http://www.mindyourownwellness.com) .  He is a specialist on the subjects of stress, weight-loss, obesity, productivity, healthcare cost reduction, natural health, and wellness.  We talked about his book and what led him to writing it.  While speaking to him, he had me say “One Pound At A Time” out loud 3 times.  After saying it, I believed in it.

I came across an opportunity to try out a new workout plan.  It made a lot of sense and has gotten me very excited to try it out.  After coming across this opportunity and meeting Alex, I knew this was right the time for me to lose weight.  I knew I will finally achieve what I have been trying to do for years.

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